Unexplored Islands to Visit in 2017

When it comes to the idea of a dream vacation, most of us imagine ourselves in a bathing suit on white sands aligned with crystal blue waters while sipping cocktails out of coconuts. Right? Well, there are a number of islands that offer the luxury of sunbathing and cocktail drinking as well as other types of landscapes, views and tourist attractions. While there are many main islands that are landing spots to most vacationers and tourists, there are quite a few hidden gems that are less conspicuous as their tourist-attraction island counterparts. Most tour groups and organizations or cruise lines focus on the main island attractions like Bermuda, Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Mykonos and a few others. However, you will find that there are several different less explored options that offer beautiful beaches and experiences that everyone can enjoy. There are probably hundreds of options sprinkled across the blue waters of the globe. Here are a couple of options for the traveler seeking a secluded island getaway.




Placed along the Aegean Sea, this secluded island offers excellent nature experiences and breathtaking views. Alonnisos is one of the most secluded islands of the Greek isles. It can be accessed by Gerry from Skopelos. This natural oasis is home to an array of animals including dolphins, seals, and rare seabirds. Like most of the other places in and around Greece, Alonnisos is home to a lot of history. The capital of the island is Patitiri and is where you will find the beautiful harbor and stone-paved waterfront. Outside of the capital you will find a story-like medieval castle with it’s gaze cast over the Aegean Sea. The beaches are in abundance with Meyalos, Milia and Marpounta offering crystal blue water and white sand.


Con Dao


This hidden gem is located about 110 miles southeast off the coast of Vietnam. This was truly one of the most secluded islands, and nearly inhabited, for quite some time. Now there are several lodging options, including a number of villas on the water overlooking the South China Sea. One of the greatest things about this specific location would have to be the food set up. Culture comes first with it’s market-style restaurant located in the main resort on the island. Some of the highlights for explorers of the island include its 20-mile landscape, a 19th century hilltop lighthouse, and the view of the Dam Tre Bay Lagoon. Con Dao is the perfect getaway for people visiting the area who are looking to truly get off of the grid for a bit. It is a one-of-a-kind experience.




One of Malaysia’s majestic points on the map is the island of Mabul. It is located just off of the northeastern coast of Malaysia. This island is known for its bounty of exotic marine life that resembles the majesty of the Galapagos Islands. Some of the discovered animals unique to Mabul include the sea moths, bobtail squids, and the cuttlefish. It’s exquisite marine life is what attracts diving enthusiasts to explore the secluded island. If you ever imagined yourself staying in a stilted bungalow right above the water, this is the perfect vacation spot for you.


Jicaro Island


This one is unlike the other aforementioned islands on this list. Jicaro Island is located on Lake Nicaragua, a freshwater lake that is a ten-minute boat ride from the town of Granada. It is a different experience than the usual tropical islands that are painted on all of the tourist magazines. While you will find the earthy feel of a tropical island with palm trees and bungalows, it lacks the crashing ocean waves and white sandy beach shores. The island is stretched out only about one acre, and the acre is occupied by the Jicaro Island Ecolodge. The Ecolodge is comprised of nine casitas and are economically and environmentally sensitive. In fact, this spot is the perfect place for the environmentally conscious. The food on the island is all locally sourced and organic, while the water is heated via solar power.


Robinson Crusoe


This is an island for the storybooks. No, seriously. The history of this island inspired the novel Robinson Crusoe, when an 18th-centruy sailor Alexander Selkirk was stuck on the island as a castaway for a while.  The inspiration of the adventurous island is something different from the rest. To reach the island, it is a two-hour flight out of Santiago, Chile. Then you take a 30-minute speedboat ride to the town of San Juan Bautista. This marvel spot is another great location for the eco-conscious travelers. The Crusoe Island Lodge is made completely of recycled materials and locally forested wood. It is also a sweet spot for the divers and adventurers, who can hunt for buried treasure or swim by ancient shipwrecks.




Remote islands are not usually the first thing you think of when you decide to take a trip to Scotland. However, Colonsay is a cultural experience for anyone interested in experiencing an even more rural landscape of Scotland. The island is not completely secluded, with natives who can tell the story and history to each visitor. Colonsay is a two-and-a-half-hour ferry ride west of the town of Oban. You will find fantasy-style wildflower fields roaming with more sheep than there are people on the island.



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