How does travel change a person?

People tend to become engulfed in their every day lives and routines. We wake up, eat, go to work, eat, come home eat, handle our business, sleep, and then start all over again. Our every day lives and experiences shape who we are, the way we think, and the way we see things. Then sometimes, we realize that we are one small person in a very, very big world. When you take the opportunity to step out of your small world and into the bigger one, your experiences will further change the way you think, see and feel.

Being able to take the time to travel is so important. There are over seven billion people in the world, all whom are living very different lives. There are seven different continents covering this planet, each with unique cultures, terrain and people. Traveling to see the way other people live, think and interact is an experience that adds to your personal growth. There are a number of things that happen to a person when they take the opportunity to travel.

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.


Seeing the way that the world works beyond your own borders can be life changing, but it can also be a little uncomfortable. When you travel you are submerging yourself into the unfamiliar and sometimes even the unknown. The laws, customs and the way things function in one country or society is not necessarily the same in another. You will be exposed to things that you will be able to experience for the first time. Things that are familiar and customary to others unlike yourself. You will realize that everybody faces challenges, some harder than others. This realization will be a challenge in and of itself. However, the challenges will get easier. You will begin to push your limits and the unknown and unfamiliar will no longer seem as challenging. This is a learning experience you can carry with you into different areas of your life. It will add to your overall growth. Do no forget and challenge your limits quotes which at the beginning will be your motivation. 

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes.


The world is such an inspirational place. There are so many beautiful places, people and gatherings to experience. That being said, it is worth it to recognize that there is both good and bad in the world. Both, however, can be equally inspiring. The colors of the Indian community are electrifying, while the ancient architecture of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are humbling. The technologically advanced Japanese communities are equally as inspiring as the simple villages in eastern Africa. The desert sands of the Sahara are breathtaking, while the vast, dense vegetation of the Amazon is mesmerizing. Beauty and inspiration is found in all corners of the earth.

We see ourselves in others.


One of the greatest things about traveling the world is the chance to meet new people from different walks of life. What makes that so great is what you realize in those differences. Although people in different countries talk differently, eat different foods, practice different religions customs, there is one major connection. We are all humans living unique and individual lives. Each of our smaller worlds are connected in this bigger world that you have set out to explore. Achieving that level of understanding will let you make connections while learning about other people. In turn, when we learn more about other people we begin to learn more about ourselves. That might just be the biggest reward.

Traveling is a way to not only see things, but to truly experience them. The memories and the lessons learned through traveling will make more of an impact on who you are as a person than any material item or tangible wealth. If you have the chance to do some traveling, take it. You might learn more about yourself as you learn more about the world around you.

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