Five exotic and dangerous countries you should know

If you enjoy traveling from one country to the next then you should know that not all countries are a fun place to visit with your friends or with your family because it can be dangerous for you. That is why so that you would know what are the countries that you shouldn’t even think or try to visit, here are five countries that can be exotic but dangerous as well.

  • India

India can offer you an exotic culture, food and tourist attractions, but you have to remember one thing and that is India is an over populated place where in because of the over population and the vast poverty there are a lot of crimes that comes with it. That is why if you want to enjoy your long weekend, holiday or vacation with friends or family then better choose a country where in you wouldn’t have to worry about your safety.

  • Syria

Before Syria had a beautiful dessert and eye catching views that you would enjoy looking at but because of the war then it would be best that you book yourself another country to travel in. If you have seen the news and if you have read other articles about Syria then you should know that it isn’t a country that you should visit with your family.

  • Australia

Australia is home to the amazing tourist attraction, delicious food but is also home to dangerous animals. That is why if ever you are planning a trip in Australia then it would be best that you are careful with the places that you go into because you might confuse yourself with a safe insect with a dangerous one. Make sure also that the place in Australia you would want to visit wouldn’t have any dangerous animals for you.

  • Antartica

You don’t have to worry about any people or pollution when you are in Antarctica because the only thing that you should be worried about is Mother Nature. Antarctica is really cold and you wouldn’t easily get the rescue when you need it since the next human that you can find would be miles and miles away from you.

  • Mount Everest

You have heard this place countless times because a lot of people try to climb it that is why if you are planning to visit Mount Everest then you should be warned because though you would enjoy looking at the snow around you the mountain can be tough for those who aren’t use to such extreme and dangerous adventure.

Worth watching documentary about Mount Everest. The video is full of interesting information about the Everest’s history and geography.

So if ever you are planning to make a trip with your friends or family then the following country stated above might not be the top choices for you because it can really be dangerous and it wouldn’t be worth the travel if you are risking your own life for it. That is why make sure that when you travel somewhere for their food or culture better do your research so that you won’t be putting your life in danger.

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